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Updated 05/10/15

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12851 Madison Ave. NE, Bainbridge Island WA 98110 - Phone: 206-780-9110

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Combining function and art is my challenge, surrounding ourselves with mass produced mediocrity slowly erodes our spirit

Cecil Ross

Artist / Craftsman

Cecil Ross


As a wood artist, looking at each and every piece of wood, there is a story revealed: of good times, bad times, years of plenty, of drought - much like the story of our own lives.

In creating both functional and sculptural pieces, the challenge is to work with this spirit yet molding it into its new form.

The sourcing of wood is especially dear to my heart, using sustainably harvested lumber wherever possible.  Each piece will inevitably have some history to its beginning.  And bring "a sense of place" to the piece.

Commissions are warmly embraced.